Friday, February 24, 2012

A Little History

In March of 2010, Policy IK was revised to the new and current grading system, which essentially states as follows:

    Student's performance is to be reported in two ways, separately:
    1.    Individual academic achievement based on a variety of assessment methods and are summative in nature;
    2.    Evaluation of student behaviors and other nonacademic facts that may influence academic achievement. 
In June of 2011, IK-AR (Administrative Rule) was revised and is the tool to implement the new grading policy.   
    2010-2011:     Implement balanced grading

    2011-2012:    Academic Practice (ie: formative=homework) grades may count for a maximum of 10% of the grade. Academic Practice is a fancier way of saying homework, but is referenced by the district also as a "formative" assessment.

Academic Achievement (ie:  summative =tests, projects, term papers, etc.) must count for a minimum of 90% of the grade.  Academic Achievement is also known as "summative" assessments.

"Nonacademic behaviors" (ie: late work) that could affect grade are not to exceed 10% of the grade

    2012-2013:    Academic Achievement (ie: summative=tests, projects, etc.) must count for 100% of the grade

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